About BG Capital

BG Capital was conceived and founded six years ago by Daniel Govberg and Joseph Byrne.  From the start, the BG ideology has been simple: build a high quality product and introduce that product to the real estate rental market at a fair price.

Our Success

BG Capital operates only in the markets that our unique system allows us to perform with efficiency and comfort. That being said BGC consists of three divisions:


Core: Finance Procurement

The team members here handle many facets of the development process.  From project assessment, zoning review, and design, to finishes and furnishings.  We are involved from conception to completion.

Core: Quality Control

JBR predates BGC and is owned and operated by Mr. Byrne.  As the exclusive contractor for BGC, and with over lapping ownership the incentive and accountability are unrivaled  by that of a third party general contracting firm.

Core: High-Level Service

Govberg Realty was founded by and is owned and operated by Mr. Byrne and Mr. Govberg.  GR is a licensed and accredited Pennsylvania brokerage, and consists of a full-time, on-site, broker of record, licensed real estate agents, customer service representatives and full time maintenance staff.